Healing begins with a connection to the divine.

 Intrinsic Healing supports your spiritual quest through guided spiritual guidance, sound healing, and cosmic activation. A life of authenticity and wholeness begins here.


It's a path. Let me support you along the way.

I’m Krishna Israel – a non-denominational medicine man and healer. Through divine gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, shamanism, and sound vibrations, I bring guidance to those struggling along life’s winding journey, bridging the celestial and earthly realms.


Intrinsic Healing

A Journey of Self-Transformation Through Intuitive Creativity

This program came through divine guidance, inspired by my own healing journey and spiritual growth.

It is a 9-month spiritual rebirth healing journey to build and edify each other in a loving circle. Awaken your authentic self. Intrinsic Healing is an intensive spiritual healing journey to help you get there.

Through meditation, sound healing, voice awakening, somatic movement, intuitive art, journaling, and spiritual activations, you’ll have the opportunity to heal emotional dissonance and restore your connection with the divine.

There is no single path to enlightenment.

With that in mind, I work with the healing and teaching tools that will best guide you towards mental clarity, self integration, and getting in touch with your true essence. I create space to expand your heart to explore the activation of unconditional love.

Intrinsic Healing - Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Healing & Insight Guidance

Healing happens between you and a higher power as you understand it. As your guide, I bring healing energies into the space and focus their effects until you can establish your direct connection with the divine.

Intrinsic Healing - Sound Healing

Sound Healing Journey

Energetic blockages can manifest as a variety of physical ailments. But what you may not know is that it is possible to remove them with the healing power of sound. Sound Healing journey uses the vibration of instruments and voice to bring transformation.

Cosmic Activation

Cosmic Activation Experience

Cosmic energy is spiritual energy. Cosmic Activation is a download of spirit energy where access with a collective consciousness acts as a bridge of celestial realms to earth and unlocks all the powerful healing that comes with it. ​

"Israel is a gifted sacred healer... Every session with him is unique and shifts my physical, emotional and mental state to something more vibrant. I am so grateful to have met him in this lifetime and experience his healing potential. Thank you for all your selfless efforts to bring peace and love to all beings!”


"I felt very good after the session. I was transported to a forest with animals, birds, a waterfall, and a rainforest. Thank you!"



Join our Selfless Healing Meditation

Each week, you’re invited to join in selfless meditation to raise your vibration, heal, find inner peace and open your heart. We join our hearts and minds together during this time, forming a collective space of healing for oneself and contributing to world-raising consciousness.

Intrinsic Healing 9-Month Spiritual Rebirth Healing Journey

Selfless Healing Meditation

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